Kontinent Awards

International Kontinent Photography Awards

Here are the results of International Kontinent Photography Awards 2015;


Grand Winner

Linelle Deunk - Netherlands

Title: Band of Brothers

Mukono District, Uganda

In the fields of Mukono district, Uganda, lives Gertrude with her husband and 7 children. Gertrude is one of the members of the Katosi Women Development Trust which empowers women by teaching them and supporting them with micro-credits. The micro-credits Gertrude has received have benefitted her in a variety of ways. The most fundamental thing has been the opportunity to give her an her family reliable access to clean (drinking) water. That makes life less challenging and ensures that her children stay healthy. Thus, they can focus on growing and developing themselves, rather than simply surviving. This portrait is of the 5 sons of Gertrude.

Advertising - Single Image Category

1st Place

Matthew Edward Loh - Singapore


2nd Place

Jennifer Davick - United States


3rd Place

Tim Hawley - United States


Honorable Mentions for Advertising - Single Image Category

Editorial/Documentary - Projects Category

1st Place

Elin Høyland - Norway

Project Info: The Brothers

The Brothers always lived together on a small farm in rural Norway until one of them passed away. Neither ever married or travelled.


2nd Place

Tommy Trenchard - United Kingdom

Project Info: Since making the leap from bats to humans in a small Guinean village in late 2013, Ebola has rampaged across a large swathe of West Africa, killing over 8000, undoing a decade of painstaking development, and creating a rift, and sometimes even violence, between governments and their subjects.


3rd Place

Christian Werner - Germany

Project Title: Yazidis under Assault


Honorable Mentions for Editorial/Documentary Projects Category


Mattia Zoppellaro - United Kingdom

Sergey Ponomarev - Russia

Luca Catalano Gonzaga - Italy

Paolo Marchetti - Italy

Matt Palmer - Australia

Valery Melnikov - Russia

Editorial/Documentary - Single Image Category

1st Place

Enrique Lopez-Tapia - Spain


2nd Place

Christian Pondella - United States


3rd Place

Till Rimmele - Germany


Honorable Mentions for Editorial/Documentary - Single Image Category

Fine Art - Projects Category

1st Place

Scarlett Hooft Graafland - Netherlands

Project Info:
In my work you find a combination of straight photographic practice with performance and sculpture in which I constantly refer to a more profound cultural discourse of my surroundings. Using a surrealist language of intriguing visual jokes, I wittily allude to my anthropological interests and environmental concerns.

Since 2004 I made extensive travels to the Bolivian Altiplano, where I worked on various projects with the help of some local artists. In these site-specific installations and photo set-ups I would make use of local materials, traditions or techniques.

All the photos are made with an analogue camera without any digital manipulation.


2nd Place

Daniel Reiter - Germany


3rd Place

Sandro Miller - United States

Project Title: Eyes of Morocco


Honorable Mentions for Fine Art - Projects Category


Clemens Ascher - United Kingdom

Jeremy Underwood - United States

Marsel van Oosten - Netherlands

David Köster - Germany

Fine Art - Single Image Category

1st Place

Simon Jones - United Kingdom


2nd Place

Mariano Belmar Torrecilla  - Spain


3rd Place

Flokje van Lith - Netherlands


Honorable Mentions for Fine Art - Single Image Category

Nature - Single Image Category

1st Place

Graham McGeorge - United States


2nd Place

Wim van den Heever  - South Africa


3rd Place

Bence Mate - Hungary


Honorable Mentions for Nature - Single Image Category